Akshor Waterfalls

August 16 – Took a Taxi in the morning from Chefchouen to Akshor where we took a long, relaxing 5 km hike to the Cascades which lie deep in in the Akshor mountains. Went swimming in the cool mountain stream along the way.

Akhsor Waterfalls (© Mervin Smucker)


We returned in the late afternoon to Chefchouen where we hiked up to the mountain to „The Source“ where we had a panoramic view of the city and surrounding mountains as the sun was setting. We spent the night in Chefchouen. And the end we walked 24 km today, most of which was mountain hiking!

Sunset Chefchouen (© Mervin Smucker)

Sunset Chefchouen (© Mervin Smucker)

Mervin Smucker